The Curse of Tutankhamun

To Where the Trail Leads

After destroying the Altar under the Cairo cemetery the investigators rested up and read the various bits of lore they had collected. They knew it would be weeks until Carnarvon could try to summon his deity again so they spent this time preparing and trying to discover where he would do this.

They came up with two possibilities, Stonehenge and a remote area of China. They set out to determine where he was headed to, and as such went to the Alexandria docks to do some snooping around.

There they determined, through some diplomacy, some stealth and some brute force, that the most likely destination was Stonehenge and they hopped a boat to England.

When last we saw the team they were trudging around a secret passage they discovered underneath Stonehenge and had encountered some crude traps. What lies in their path?


A Much Needed Rest (Intro To Session 5)

After a hectic battle with a corpse absorbing, multi skulled worm like monstrosity and a four-armed horror with a psychosis inducing face the investigators needed a well-deserved bit of recuperation. The ghouls kept them apprised of any return of The Man, which there was none. Over a few weeks of rest Dr. Bensonwood recovered from his wounds and Lady Evelyn slowly returned to some semblance of normalcy, though her nightmares by all accounts were terrible. Her screams in the night keeping everyone nearby from sleeping well the first few nights.

During this time, Hieronymous and Marjorie pored over the books they had found or were given. Marjorie gained some insight via the translation of the Book of Cho’Gal she had. Hieronymous learned of the outer gods through the Book of Sho’Gal and The Manfriedian Manuscript.

With Lord Carnarvon’s whereabouts a mystery, and the only clues seeming to be details in the Book of Sho’Gal, where will the investigators turn next?

From the Diary of Cassandra
wherin Cassandra thinks everyone's nuts

… after hiding the body on the library steps, Jimmy and I snuck back over the fence into the cemetery. We picked the lock on the gate and went in. We were caught by a guard and that sneaky snake Hieronymus Crane managed to get away. Jimmy tried to strong arm the guard and, in an attempt to help, I stabbed him. We were eventually held captive by the rest of the graveyard shift. They called the police on us, so I knew we had to make our escape. I know that these Egyptians are superstitious, so I convinced the guard that I had a message for him from beyond the grave, and Jimmy, smart as a fox, picked up my cue and while I summoned a made-up relative to communicate, Jimmy knocked the guard out.

We got back to the hotel to learn that Lady Evelyn Herbert was kidnapped! The police were no help, so we took matters into our own hands. Our investigation led us to the alleyway near the hotel where we found a crazy bum who spoke of a giant four-armed (or was it giant-forearmed?) man with a horrible face(?). Hieronymus noticed scuff marks heading east so we followed the trail and Jimmy, clever as ever, noticed a fire escape with steps bent from a great weight going up them.

We climbed the fire escape to the roof and followed blood drops leading to the edge of the building which disappeared into the night. Marjorie Stanhope and the good Dr. Bensonwood decided for the next six hours to investigate the riverbanks, which (surprise!) led to nothing but Nile crocodiles. Then, Marjorie had the gall to drag us to the British Consulate to inform them of Lady Evelyn’s disappearance, which as one could guess, led to nothing.

Early that morning, Hieronymus told us what he found in his books. The monster is called a Chyogt and is basically a creature with wings, and his face moves into whatever the witness fears the most. The next day, we went to the hotel lobby to discover that the bum had died of fright in the alleyway, his hair turned shock white. Presumably, he had another visitor after our departure.

As the police loaded the body into the hearse, Bensonwood stole the car so we could deliver the body to the ghouls who had assisted Hieronymous the night before. We brought the body into the catacombs and saw that the books we’d found were missing and the walls were wider and the floor had collected pools of slime. Bensonwood attempted to take a sample and discovered a high acid content.

We walked further into the catacombs to try and find our ghoulie friends. That’s when we heard it. We readied ourselves with our guns, assuming they could take on what was coming our way…

But as the creature emerged from the tunnel, I knew that I had to run if I was going to survive. According to Bensonwood and Jimmy’s account in the aftermath, it was a huge worm that conformed to the shape of the tunnel. It had six skulls for a mouth, or was it a face? All I could hear was Bensonwood’s screams and volleys of gunshots firing. Marjorie made the final shot in almost a fugue-like state. Bensonwood was a bloody mess and we took him for immediate medical attention. We took him to vet at his insistence and covered up the true events by claiming he was bit by a particularly nasty dog. He may never forgive us for the rabies shots.

After getting the doctor healed, we descended back into the catacombs and met with a ghoul named Mulk. He thanked us for the dead body of the bum we left, and for killing the worm he and his fellow ghouls called Eater. Mulk fearfully told us about The Man who made the worm but led us to Chuck to teach us more.

Compared to Mulk, Chuck was a regular Edison. Chuck told us that The Corpse Man had only arrived about a month prior. Due to clever deduction, we identified him as Lord Carnarvon, risen from the dead, and he had summoned the creature to kidnap his own daughter! Fearing that time might be running out, we immediately headed further into the cave.

We found the creature in a makeshift sacrificial temple, grappling with Lady Evelyn. I took out my shotgun and fired, missing narrowly. Dr. Bensonwood, never one to quit when the stakes were high, ran over and pulled Lady Evelyn away from the creature. After a few volleys of fire from all of us still armed, I shot the monster in the face, bringing it down.

We returned Evelyn to the hotel. As she slept, her hair began to turn white, just like the bum we had found that morning. We called the doctor who came and woke up Evelyn. Marjorie calmed her cousin and Evelyn returned to sleep, her hair returning to its natural state. Hieronymous shared details he’d learned of the ritual in one of his books. Canarvon not only needed to cast the spell in a place of power, he also needed blood of his bloodline to fuel the ritual, making both Evelyn and Marjorie possible targets for another abduction…

The fellas decided to return to the altar to destroy it. Lacking dynamite, they had to sledge hammer it to pieces.

Marjorie's Letter Home

Dear Edward,

Dearest brother, you’ll be happy to hear that I plan to return home soon. Assuming I survive my current situation, that is. I know you think I’m frivolous and that spiritualism is a fraud, but you must believe me. You’re the only one I can trust with this story.

As you may have heard, I followed cousin Evelyn to Egypt to investigate her father’s death. As strange as sounds, Lord George appears to have dabbled in the occult while he was here and I suspect his death was due to neither illness nor accident. Strange things have been happening ever since we boarded the ship in New York and I truly believe someone or something is trying to stop us from learning the truth.

If anything happens to me, look to Pierre Lacau and his library of antiquities for answers. Yesterday, we visited the library to search for books relating to Sho’gol and something called Elder Gods; instead we found a secret passage which lead to a long abandoned study overrun by the waking dead. My companions Finn and Cassandra actually killed one of the abominations before we were forced to flee from the others. Rumour has it the local cemetery is being overtaken by risen corpses as well. Our attempt to investigate these rumours was cut short when Dr. Bensonwood (you remember him, I’m sure) accidentally killed a night watchman and we were once more forced to flee the area.

If I’m not home by the time you receive this letter, please find out all you can about an artifact called the Ivory Jar and check to make sure Carnavon is properly buried. A malevolent spirit told us he may be used as a vessel to transport whatever evil is at work here to England. You must not let that happen. I thought I had left Hampshire behind me for good, but I find I can’t bear the thought of its destruction.

We have reason to believe there may be a book in Lord George’s study that will shed light on all of this, but please be careful if you start investigating.

Put some flowers on Mother’s grave for me, and with luck I’ll be home by Christmas.

I wish you were here.

Love always,

Board Game Night (replaced session 3)

A board game night replaced session 3 – FYI Elder Sign is a great Cthulhu based board game, would certainly play again. Also, Chris is a monster at Dominion.

A Murder and Cairo
CoC Session 2

The morning after Gevork’s disappearance turned out to be very interesting to say the least. While discussing what they knew of Gevork, the party found themselves observed by a small, noteworthy man who introduced himself as Heironymous. As they started to get to know each other, there was a commotion involving the captain and steward at the next table, Finn overheard them talking about a murder in the back parlor.

Finn investigated the parlor to find guards barring him from entry, he also found the captain uncooperative to his request to investigate the murder. He did the next thing that comes naturally to a police officer, he caused panic throughout the passengers by telling them about the murder. The panicked passengers, led by the Freiherr von Todesco, marched to the parlor and demanded that the guards open it. Having no recourse against fifty angry aristocrats the sailors opened the doors to a scene of horror.

The once grand parlor, with soft red shag carpeting, velour covered walls and a classic baby grand piano in the corner, had turned into a macabre abstract painting. It seemed that a human being, which could be inferred from the fingers and other barely recognizable body parts strewn about the room, had been torn apart and spread through the room. Hardly any surface in the four hundred square foot room was left untouched by blood.

After the disgusted and retching guests were ushered out by the crew, the captain grudgingly gave permission for the party to investigate. The first thing they turned up was the victim’s head, still intact, in a corner. These were the remains of Cenzano, but were they Gevork’s as well? The good Doctor Bensonwood had skipped breakfast to sun himself on the deck and had not answered Finn’s summons as yet so they would need to wait to find out. Further investigation of the room found an odd footprint in the blood near one of the portholes. It was approximately human-sized but with a three-toed webbed pattern.

Doctor Bensonwood arrived and confirmed that this was a body. He was also fairly sure that it was only one. Otherwise he added nothing of note to the investigation. To the party’s relief, and now suspicion, Gevork did not appear to be dead. Investigations of Cenzano and Gevork’s cabins turned up nothing of note, other than Cenzano’s may have been broken into from the outside and the cleaning rotation of the rooms had just changed. This was all determined as the ship docked in Alexandria.

A driver for Lady Evelyn met them at the docks and drove them, without stop, to Cairo. At the Grand Hotel, they met Lady Evelyn for dinner and found out why she wanted them there. She felt that ill befell her father, he dropped dead – wasted away overnight – the morning after they entered the tomb that Howard Carter found. She gave the party her blessing to look through her father’s personal effects.

The only items of interest they found were two notes written in Carnavon’s hand. One mentioned that the Ivory Jar held the key he was looking for and had four scrawled symbols, not unlike hieroglyphics but also vastly different. The other noted that the Book of Sho’Gol might be needed.

In the morning, the party intended to head to the dig site but took a turn off at the Department of Antiquities to browse their library. Heironymous found two books of interest, one a journal translation from the original Arabic into German of the Book of Sho’Gol – the other a book detailing some descriptions that may match the type of creature that killed Cenzano. They tried to smuggle out the book but were caught when Doctor Bensonwood tried to shove it down his pants.

At the dig site, they met Howard Carter and explored the tomb. They were unable to determine if Carnavon took anything out of the tomb but did learn that he went in first while everyone else was hiding from the ‘bad air’ that came out of the tomb. He apparently only entered the antechamber and then left saying he did not feel well. In the antechamber, Finn and Heironymous found a small section of odd hieroglyphics like from the notes in Carnavon’s room.

At dinner that night, they met Pierre Lacau and discussed being able to examine the antiquities from the tomb – to which he agreed after his investigations are concluded. They also learned of an ebony comb with an eldritch symbol. Mr. Lacau also agreed to find three books (decoys) that Heironymous asked him about.

A Disappearance
Introduction to Session 2 - En Route to Cairo

The investigators returned to the ship late that evening and departure occurred as scheduled at 9:00 AM. The next few days on ship were relatively quiet, Cenzano seemed to have decided to leave them alone and allowed them to enjoy the trip in relative peace. Even the Freiherr von Todesco seemed to grow tired of questioning them, engaging in small talk at dinner but not delving too deep into their well-kept backgrounds.

Then Gevork disappeared.

It was the second to last night before arriving in Cairo, just south of Cyprus. He had been talking about a girl he knew when last he traveled the Mediterranean, a young Cypriot lass. Perhaps he managed to swim to shore? Unfortunately, the team did not notice him missing until dinner the next day when he didn’t show. Finn checked his room and found it empty – no Gevork, no luggage, nothing.

Upon questioning the crew that night they also found that Vincent Cenzano had also vanished. Similarly, no signs of him remained in his room.

It is the morning of the last day aboard when the investigators wake. What will be their next move?

On a Slow Boat to Cairo
En Route to Cairo Session1

After receiving the letter from Lady Evelyn, the investigators made their way to The Chariot of the Sun, their cruise ship to Cairo making Stops in Gibraltar and Genoa. They met at dinner as they were all seated at the same table, but were very wary of revealing their true purpose for the trip. Seated at dinner with Finn, Dirk, Gevork and Marjorie were the Freiherr and Freiin von Todesco – who were very curious of this motley group seated at an influential table such as theirs.

At one point, Marjorie seemed to have a hallucination or sudden memory upon talking to Finn and ran away in horror back to her room. Later the good Doctor Bensonwood saved her from stumbling drunkenly over the railing – prescribed her some sleeping pills and sent her off to bed. Prior to all this Finn spotted an unsavory character observing their table and sauntered over to talk to him. The ‘ruddy’ man was not very responsive and seemed evasive of all of Finn’s questions.

The next morning, whilst Gevork was sunbathing, he also noticed the suspicious man watching him. He spoke to him and the man accused Gevork of making advances on him. He left in a huff.

Finn confronted the man again that night when he followed Marjorie. He pulled a knife on Finn but quickly became intimidated by his lack of reaction to potential violence.

The investigators came up with a scheme to find out more about this man, spiking his drink with some ‘mickeys’ and then following him back to his room to search it. They found a letter from Pierre Lacau, giving directive to this man, Vincent Cenzano, to watch the investigators.

The next important piece of the adventure involved docking in Gibraltar. At dinner, Cenzano was there again. Finn approached him but again he was dismissive and evasive. Also a note with a special symbol was dropped at the player’s table, it mentioned an address and a time to meet. The symbol was recognized by Gevork as being of the Cult of Ra.

After ensuring that Cenzano did not follow them, the investigators went to the meeting. There they met with an unnamed agent of the Cult of Ra. He explained to the party that Lord George was involved in something devious and that foul play was not the case in his death. They think it was caused by his own dabbling in powers of the unknown and in particular from an item that is missing from the tomb of King Tut – an ivory jar with otherworldly runes. He has tasked the party to return the jar to the Cult in Cairo.

Please update your skill increases to your characters.

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