The Curse of Tutankhamun

A Disappearance

Introduction to Session 2 - En Route to Cairo

The investigators returned to the ship late that evening and departure occurred as scheduled at 9:00 AM. The next few days on ship were relatively quiet, Cenzano seemed to have decided to leave them alone and allowed them to enjoy the trip in relative peace. Even the Freiherr von Todesco seemed to grow tired of questioning them, engaging in small talk at dinner but not delving too deep into their well-kept backgrounds.

Then Gevork disappeared.

It was the second to last night before arriving in Cairo, just south of Cyprus. He had been talking about a girl he knew when last he traveled the Mediterranean, a young Cypriot lass. Perhaps he managed to swim to shore? Unfortunately, the team did not notice him missing until dinner the next day when he didn’t show. Finn checked his room and found it empty – no Gevork, no luggage, nothing.

Upon questioning the crew that night they also found that Vincent Cenzano had also vanished. Similarly, no signs of him remained in his room.

It is the morning of the last day aboard when the investigators wake. What will be their next move?


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