The Curse of Tutankhamun

A Murder and Cairo

CoC Session 2

The morning after Gevork’s disappearance turned out to be very interesting to say the least. While discussing what they knew of Gevork, the party found themselves observed by a small, noteworthy man who introduced himself as Heironymous. As they started to get to know each other, there was a commotion involving the captain and steward at the next table, Finn overheard them talking about a murder in the back parlor.

Finn investigated the parlor to find guards barring him from entry, he also found the captain uncooperative to his request to investigate the murder. He did the next thing that comes naturally to a police officer, he caused panic throughout the passengers by telling them about the murder. The panicked passengers, led by the Freiherr von Todesco, marched to the parlor and demanded that the guards open it. Having no recourse against fifty angry aristocrats the sailors opened the doors to a scene of horror.

The once grand parlor, with soft red shag carpeting, velour covered walls and a classic baby grand piano in the corner, had turned into a macabre abstract painting. It seemed that a human being, which could be inferred from the fingers and other barely recognizable body parts strewn about the room, had been torn apart and spread through the room. Hardly any surface in the four hundred square foot room was left untouched by blood.

After the disgusted and retching guests were ushered out by the crew, the captain grudgingly gave permission for the party to investigate. The first thing they turned up was the victim’s head, still intact, in a corner. These were the remains of Cenzano, but were they Gevork’s as well? The good Doctor Bensonwood had skipped breakfast to sun himself on the deck and had not answered Finn’s summons as yet so they would need to wait to find out. Further investigation of the room found an odd footprint in the blood near one of the portholes. It was approximately human-sized but with a three-toed webbed pattern.

Doctor Bensonwood arrived and confirmed that this was a body. He was also fairly sure that it was only one. Otherwise he added nothing of note to the investigation. To the party’s relief, and now suspicion, Gevork did not appear to be dead. Investigations of Cenzano and Gevork’s cabins turned up nothing of note, other than Cenzano’s may have been broken into from the outside and the cleaning rotation of the rooms had just changed. This was all determined as the ship docked in Alexandria.

A driver for Lady Evelyn met them at the docks and drove them, without stop, to Cairo. At the Grand Hotel, they met Lady Evelyn for dinner and found out why she wanted them there. She felt that ill befell her father, he dropped dead – wasted away overnight – the morning after they entered the tomb that Howard Carter found. She gave the party her blessing to look through her father’s personal effects.

The only items of interest they found were two notes written in Carnavon’s hand. One mentioned that the Ivory Jar held the key he was looking for and had four scrawled symbols, not unlike hieroglyphics but also vastly different. The other noted that the Book of Sho’Gol might be needed.

In the morning, the party intended to head to the dig site but took a turn off at the Department of Antiquities to browse their library. Heironymous found two books of interest, one a journal translation from the original Arabic into German of the Book of Sho’Gol – the other a book detailing some descriptions that may match the type of creature that killed Cenzano. They tried to smuggle out the book but were caught when Doctor Bensonwood tried to shove it down his pants.

At the dig site, they met Howard Carter and explored the tomb. They were unable to determine if Carnavon took anything out of the tomb but did learn that he went in first while everyone else was hiding from the ‘bad air’ that came out of the tomb. He apparently only entered the antechamber and then left saying he did not feel well. In the antechamber, Finn and Heironymous found a small section of odd hieroglyphics like from the notes in Carnavon’s room.

At dinner that night, they met Pierre Lacau and discussed being able to examine the antiquities from the tomb – to which he agreed after his investigations are concluded. They also learned of an ebony comb with an eldritch symbol. Mr. Lacau also agreed to find three books (decoys) that Heironymous asked him about.


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