The Curse of Tutankhamun

On a Slow Boat to Cairo

En Route to Cairo Session1

After receiving the letter from Lady Evelyn, the investigators made their way to The Chariot of the Sun, their cruise ship to Cairo making Stops in Gibraltar and Genoa. They met at dinner as they were all seated at the same table, but were very wary of revealing their true purpose for the trip. Seated at dinner with Finn, Dirk, Gevork and Marjorie were the Freiherr and Freiin von Todesco – who were very curious of this motley group seated at an influential table such as theirs.

At one point, Marjorie seemed to have a hallucination or sudden memory upon talking to Finn and ran away in horror back to her room. Later the good Doctor Bensonwood saved her from stumbling drunkenly over the railing – prescribed her some sleeping pills and sent her off to bed. Prior to all this Finn spotted an unsavory character observing their table and sauntered over to talk to him. The ‘ruddy’ man was not very responsive and seemed evasive of all of Finn’s questions.

The next morning, whilst Gevork was sunbathing, he also noticed the suspicious man watching him. He spoke to him and the man accused Gevork of making advances on him. He left in a huff.

Finn confronted the man again that night when he followed Marjorie. He pulled a knife on Finn but quickly became intimidated by his lack of reaction to potential violence.

The investigators came up with a scheme to find out more about this man, spiking his drink with some ‘mickeys’ and then following him back to his room to search it. They found a letter from Pierre Lacau, giving directive to this man, Vincent Cenzano, to watch the investigators.

The next important piece of the adventure involved docking in Gibraltar. At dinner, Cenzano was there again. Finn approached him but again he was dismissive and evasive. Also a note with a special symbol was dropped at the player’s table, it mentioned an address and a time to meet. The symbol was recognized by Gevork as being of the Cult of Ra.

After ensuring that Cenzano did not follow them, the investigators went to the meeting. There they met with an unnamed agent of the Cult of Ra. He explained to the party that Lord George was involved in something devious and that foul play was not the case in his death. They think it was caused by his own dabbling in powers of the unknown and in particular from an item that is missing from the tomb of King Tut – an ivory jar with otherworldly runes. He has tasked the party to return the jar to the Cult in Cairo.

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