The Curse of Tutankhamun


A Much Needed Rest (Intro To Session 5)

After a hectic battle with a corpse absorbing, multi skulled worm like monstrosity and a four-armed horror with a psychosis inducing face the investigators needed a well-deserved bit of recuperation. The ghouls kept them apprised of any return of The Man, which there was none. Over a few weeks of rest Dr. Bensonwood recovered from his wounds and Lady Evelyn slowly returned to some semblance of normalcy, though her nightmares by all accounts were terrible. Her screams in the night keeping everyone nearby from sleeping well the first few nights.

During this time, Hieronymous and Marjorie pored over the books they had found or were given. Marjorie gained some insight via the translation of the Book of Cho’Gal she had. Hieronymous learned of the outer gods through the Book of Sho’Gal and The Manfriedian Manuscript.

With Lord Carnarvon’s whereabouts a mystery, and the only clues seeming to be details in the Book of Sho’Gal, where will the investigators turn next?


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