The Curse of Tutankhamun

Marjorie's Letter Home

Dear Edward,

Dearest brother, you’ll be happy to hear that I plan to return home soon. Assuming I survive my current situation, that is. I know you think I’m frivolous and that spiritualism is a fraud, but you must believe me. You’re the only one I can trust with this story.

As you may have heard, I followed cousin Evelyn to Egypt to investigate her father’s death. As strange as sounds, Lord George appears to have dabbled in the occult while he was here and I suspect his death was due to neither illness nor accident. Strange things have been happening ever since we boarded the ship in New York and I truly believe someone or something is trying to stop us from learning the truth.

If anything happens to me, look to Pierre Lacau and his library of antiquities for answers. Yesterday, we visited the library to search for books relating to Sho’gol and something called Elder Gods; instead we found a secret passage which lead to a long abandoned study overrun by the waking dead. My companions Finn and Cassandra actually killed one of the abominations before we were forced to flee from the others. Rumour has it the local cemetery is being overtaken by risen corpses as well. Our attempt to investigate these rumours was cut short when Dr. Bensonwood (you remember him, I’m sure) accidentally killed a night watchman and we were once more forced to flee the area.

If I’m not home by the time you receive this letter, please find out all you can about an artifact called the Ivory Jar and check to make sure Carnavon is properly buried. A malevolent spirit told us he may be used as a vessel to transport whatever evil is at work here to England. You must not let that happen. I thought I had left Hampshire behind me for good, but I find I can’t bear the thought of its destruction.

We have reason to believe there may be a book in Lord George’s study that will shed light on all of this, but please be careful if you start investigating.

Put some flowers on Mother’s grave for me, and with luck I’ll be home by Christmas.

I wish you were here.

Love always,


+1 San or Health (cannot exceed maximum) +1d3 to a skill of your choice that is currently below 50. Thanks for writing this up!

Marjorie's Letter Home
txdadu Meredith

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