The Curse of Tutankhamun

To Where the Trail Leads

After destroying the Altar under the Cairo cemetery the investigators rested up and read the various bits of lore they had collected. They knew it would be weeks until Carnarvon could try to summon his deity again so they spent this time preparing and trying to discover where he would do this.

They came up with two possibilities, Stonehenge and a remote area of China. They set out to determine where he was headed to, and as such went to the Alexandria docks to do some snooping around.

There they determined, through some diplomacy, some stealth and some brute force, that the most likely destination was Stonehenge and they hopped a boat to England.

When last we saw the team they were trudging around a secret passage they discovered underneath Stonehenge and had encountered some crude traps. What lies in their path?


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