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The Curse of Tutankhamun

The Curse of Tutankhamun is a Call of Cthulhu campaign set in the 1920s. The adventure started with a letter from Lady Evelyn Herbert asking the PCs for help in investigating the suspicious death of her father, Lord Carnarvon.

Handouts and other material

You can find handouts and other material on my google docs page


Finn is a busted ex-cop from NY. He works the unsavory side of things at times and has done some PI work. He’s got a plain face, average build, brown hair with a regular haircut – eminently forgettable and familiar at the same time. His cop swagger might distinguish him on second glance – or when he wants you to see it. He usually has the stub of a cigar in his mouth.
Marjorie Stanhope is a cousin of Lady Evelyn, they have been enjoying the New York social life together.
Dirk Bensonwood is an acquaintance of the Late Lord Carnarvon and a physician.

Former Characters

Gevork was a professional student, turned inventor. He seems to have a close friendship with Lady Evelyn. He disappeared from the ship near the end of the journey, just off Cyprus.

Notable NPCs

Dead NPCs

Adventure Log

On a Slow Boat to Cairo – Session 1
A Disappearance – Introduction to Session 2
A Murder and Cairo – Session 2

Items of Note

The Ivory Jar
The Manfriedian Manuscript
Book of Sho’Gal


Prohibition Era Cocktails

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