The Manfriedian Manuscript

The Manfriedian Manuscript is a manuscript that was found by Gert Manfried in 1820. It is completely written in what Dr. Manfried calls Outer Cochoillian, after the name he has translate for the race of beings who are predominate in the manuscript.

It tells of the origins of the Outer Gods and the Cochoillian’s relationship to them. The Cochoillians once roamed the planets of the near galaxy, what they call Outer Cochoi. They worshipped great beings who made their homes on the planets, one on each. These great beings created life for their amusement, but some even greater power meddled in their ways. It taught the beings they created how to rid themselves of them. Hence Sho’Gal and her siblings were banished from known existence.

The Cochoillians faded without their gods, they were hunted by the life that the Outer Gods created. It is not known how many still live, but they seek to find a way to return the Outer Gods to the planets they once ruled. They hate all who banished their beloved gods, and seek to destroy them. More so, they seek the meddler who caused the Outer Gods downfall. Dr. Manfried mentions that he may have found some clues to that and references his journal.

The book also denotes two items of note for the reader. A spell on how to create a Blessed Blade that will be useful against a Cochoillian, since earthly weapons have little affect against them. And a spell of healing wounds rapidly.

(Dr. Manfried wrote clues to the translation into the margin which is what the notations about refer to.)

This is the book that Hieronymous translated from its hieroglyphics

The Manfriedian Manuscript

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